About Timshala Gardens

Timshala Gardens is the ongoing story of the creation of a new country garden in Olathe KS by  me, Cynthia Gillis, a recent transplant from Brooklyn, NY.  It will be a totally ornamental garden because every time I have made a garden for myself, with the full intention of growing vegetables in part of the space, somehow the ornamentals take over.  I finally decided that I can buy wonderful tomatoes.  I can’t buy beauty.

What Timshala Means

       We chose the word Timshala, the name of our new home,  as a variant of the Hebrew word ‘Timshel’.   It is described in John Steinbeck’s East of Eden as meaning ‘choice’ or free will.  Not that you must choose good.  Not that you shall choose good.  But that you may choose good.  Man can “…choose his course and fight it through and win.”

11 thoughts on “About Timshala Gardens

  1. I love the article in The Star about your new home and garden….very exciting! Looking for your blog about massing plants.

    • Hi Neighbor (or at least future neighbor):

      Nice to hear from you.

      Our property is just off Lone Elm down at 178th Terrace. Once we finish our house, we have enough acreage that we can build 3 or 4 more houses, so that may be done as time goes on.

      If you’d like to visit our property and see some of the details of what we are building, we can set something up pretty easily, since we are there most days for subcontractor meetings, etc.

      Where along Lone Elm is your property?

    • Thanks for the welcome Teresadunn. We are progressing, slowly, but eventually (probably late this fall) will be moving in. Do keep following the blog to see the progress.

  2. Thanks for your kind words WG. I’ve never got an award before so this is great. I gather I am supposed to put the Liebster Award logo on my site – do you know how? And the 11 questions you ask – where/how do I answer them?

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