Some Unexpected Visitors (residents?)

beaverWell I wanted a country garden.

I expected deer, and I am used to them.  A deer fence is in the works.

Raccoons – lots of those in Brooklyn.

Rabbits too.   The deer fence will also have a rodent barrier.

Groundhogs…hmmm…I have some learning to do.  Tunnels under my plantings sound dangerous and expensive.

Then we saw coyote tracks and scat.  (That is the polite word for droppings).  Maybe they’ll help with the rabbits and groundhogs?

 And we have beavers.  I walked along the creek that flows along our west property line and into the property to the north of us, and found – so far – three dams which cause occasional flooding.  I understand the residents (human) of the adjacent property have periodically tried to smash their dams, but unfortunately the result is that the beavers build newer and better.  And I have learned that they don’t use dead or fallen trees – they chomp down live trees only for their structures.  Not my new trees!  A trapper will relocate them.

Snakes!  This is not so charming.  There are rattlesnakes and timber snakes (a kind of rattler) all over the area.  Stay on the paths and carry a forked stick.

And last – cougars.  Or bobcats (I’m not sure which).  I haven’t seen them and apparently there aren’t a lot of them, but they have been seen.

And still  I want a country garden.

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