In the garden, vs. on the outside looking in

I realize that if I have a design philosophy, it is this:  To appreciate a garden one should be WITHIN it.  Of course just looking at a good garden can certainly be enjoyable.  There can be pretty scenes, lovely compositions, brilliant plant combinations.  But unless you are surrounded by the plantings, no matter how wonderful they are, they always have a certain distance.   Just as having your nose pressed to the window looking into a joyous gathering is not like being there, walking through a field of wildflowers is very different from looking at it from across the road.

A garden is a three dimensional art form and treating it as something to be looked at from the outside turns it into two-dimensions.

At Timshala paths in every direction will take you through – not around – the different gardens areas.   Even the patios and seating areas will be within a garden.  There is a clearing deep in the Woodland Garden.  A triangular seating area acts as a transition between the Meadow, the Perennial Garden and the Woodland.

Even at the house itself becomes part of the garden.  Long pergolas lead from the main entries.  The moment you walk out the door you are directed, inevitably, along a path into the garden.

Look at the plans here to see what I mean.  Schematic design of Timshala

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