Seasonal interest…what’s up-to-date in Kansas in the spring.

Whoops…it’s suddenly a winter wonderland again.  We just got snow!  Lots of it.  Everything looks white and clean and lovely and not at all springlike

I’ve completed a lot of plant layouts – most of the trees and shrubs anyway.  Now I’m testing my plans against reality.  And reality in Kansas is not quite the same as reality in Brooklyn.  At least as far as climate is concerned.

As I travel around at this glorious time of year I’m seeing many of the trees and shrubs I’m planning to use, and seeing what they look like in (so far) two seasons: winter, when I first arrived, and now spring.  I think.

The first trees I noticed in bloom were the Star Magnolias, their white blossoms looking almost tropical in the snow just a few weeks ago.  Then, about mid-April, clouds of white everywhere – as the ornamental Pears started to bloom.  Though they are pretty enough in bloom, they won’t be going into my garden – they’re too weak wooded and their interest is fleeting.  Right now the Redbuds are putting on their show, with bright pink blossoms lining, and outlining, every branch.

Redbuds in snow

Redbuds in snow

I’m planning to use quite a lot of (native to Kansas) Redbuds in the woodland, and so it’s good to know just when they are at their most garish (I mean that in the nicest way.  After the drabness of winter I hunger for lots of bright color) I’ve seen Fothergillas sending up their bottlebrush flowers.  Some Lilacs are in bloom.

And flowering Crabapples – I’ll be using those in the orchard.   Most of the ones I’ve seen are a quite dark, rich red, but I’m planning to use a couple of white-flowering varieties.  There should be a lot of color nearby from the Red Border and the Fennel & Rose Border and I think the red flowers (and later purple leaves) will conflict.

2 thoughts on “Seasonal interest…what’s up-to-date in Kansas in the spring.

  1. This really is late for snow! Yet you say you’ve seen lilacs in bloom already? Mine are at least another week away. However my crabapple just burst into flower,,I don’t know if it’s the white or the red but since leaves aren’t purple must be white…the flowers are pink and white and the buds are red.
    Karen of Raggedwood

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