It’s starting to feel real

The plants are about 60% selected – most of the trees, about half the shrubs and about 10% of the flowers and groundcovers.  And we now have a plan of the garden showing all the areas and the plants.  See the new photo up top.

Some of the paths are installed by the way, the ones that go through the woodland garden and the perennial border.

And in the next couple of weeks the deer fencing will go up, keeping out a lot of the critters that would be making a meal from my work.

2 thoughts on “It’s starting to feel real

  1. Welcome to Kansas. I am reading your blog after your interesting article in the kcstar. What a home you are creating. I am chuckling to my self as I scratch another chigger bite from wandering around my 5 acres. I look like a nice connect the dot person!! I don’t use many chemicals because of my animals (chickens and a cute doggy) so I am eaten alive this year. Thanks to the lovely spring rains. Just another part of the country life. Never apologize for that rash of poison ivy all over your face or the 300 chigger bites your kids find fascinating. We love gardens. Murky

  2. Thanks for your welcome and your nice chatty note. I have discovered the joys of DEET or I would also be eaten alive. Also I’m putting in a lot of deer fence to keep out the ‘critters’, including deer and the deer ticks.

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