Lilac Childhood

I grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, literally on the wrong side of the tracks; within sight and hearing of the tracks actually.  But we had one great wealth: our front yard was completely filled with Lilacs.  Nobody knew who planted them or when.  Nobody cared for them.  As a child I ran through them, as if they were a private forest.  When they bloomed I could cut armloads of them, bringing them to my favorite teacher.

Many years later when I was visiting Winnipeg I decided to take a drive past our old house and discovered that the Lilacs were gone (as was the house, but the Lilacs were what hurt me).  The area had been cleared for urban renewal, and never built.  It was just barren.  And it still makes me cry.

There is profound unity between the garden designer I am now and the seminal power of those Lilacs.


Fence starting to go up 31 aug 2013Deer fence going up.  Before planting anything I want to make sure I’m not planting a banquet for deer…beavers…rabbits…groundhogs…or anyone else on four legs.  The deer fence we’re using also has the option of a rodent barrier along the bottom.  So it will keep deer out and prevent rodents from chewing through and getting in underneath.  I’m sure it won’t be 100% effective, but it should help a lot.

I chose a polypropylene fence from Critter Fence.  It’s eight feet high, and while a deer could theoretically jump it, it’s pretty unlikely.   As you can see, the fencing itself really is quite invisible.  What you see is the posts, every 12’ or so.  But once I get trees and shrubs planted, the posts should also be pretty much hidden.