The Perennial Border Plants – at last. And their Seasonal interest


I’ve been working till my head is spinning designing the very complicated Perennial Border.  It is about 70’ long by about 20’ wide, with a path down the center.  I’m doing seven different groups of three plants each, beginning and ending with the same combination of plants.  Each group is somewhat self-contained, in that the three plants in it complement and contrast with each other – in height, texture, color, seasons.  And each of the groups also has to lead nicely into the next.  And together they should draw you along the path.

Group 4, the center of the border is the ‘hottest’ color, vivid red and purple.  The plants leading to it and from it are somewhat softer colored, growing richer and then receding.


And here is the result.  The numbers after each variety is the quantity I will need to order!

Perennial Seasonal Interest

3 thoughts on “The Perennial Border Plants – at last. And their Seasonal interest

  1. Thanks for looking so closely at my chart that you noticed the missing Group 2. I had another grouping originally (the missing #2) and removed it as the plants in it required rather different soil conditions. I never bothered to renumber.

    As for how I chose the perennials I did: some of the reasons are described in the post. Essentially, as I describe, they are perennial plants that combine well, to give continuing interest, are the right scale for the space, and that I like!

    In some cases I selected one cultivar or variety over another because it is more easily available.

    I’m now beginning work on the Red Border.

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