The Battle vs. the War

The weeds are winning the battle – but I think not the war.


You’ll notice there is a huge difference between the areas where we successfully sowed grass seed – both last fall and this spring – compared to the areas nearest the house which is still mostly bare ground.

The weeds are doing very well in those close-in battlegrounds.  But where there is good, strong grass growth the weeds are fewer.  They’re definitely not gone – and probably never will be, but weakened.  I’ve been mowing , with the mower set as high as it will go:  4”.  The weeds get their heads cut off which weakens them, but the grass I’ve sowed is barely touched.   And not having the taller weeds shading them out means the grasses I want can grow better,  keeping the weeds even fewer.

This is all a huge learning curve for me.  It is so gratifying to see things working the way they are supposed to.


One thought on “The Battle vs. the War

  1. Dear Cynthia, I just came across this in my “Recently Deleted” file in Safari. I must have deleted it in AOL, thinking it was from Victor Davis Hanson, he writes about war a lot. It’s lovely to see your home. I’m glad I finally found it. Best wishes, Iris

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