The Winter Garden — Its First Winter

Winter Garden close up 12.4.2014We just planted them a month ago, but some of the Sparkleberries (Ilex verticillata) are holding their berries and looking so bright and festive.  And some of the Miscanthus grasses  — also just planted – are holding their seed heads.  The combination is exactly what I was hoping for: a lovely winter effect that doesn’t just rely on evergreens.

They’re all quite small still, and don’t give the full effect.  But I could not be happier.  Well, I could be happier if it would snow.  Then the red berries and white plumes would be even more wonderful; the contrast of bright red and white will be especially festive in the snow.  If it ever snows!

2 thoughts on “The Winter Garden — Its First Winter

  1. Thank you again WG. The other plants I have in the Winter Gardens are some red-stemmed shrub Dogwoods, some smooth Sumac. Also in one Winter Garden I’ve put in several Skyrocket Junipers for a vertical contrast with the fairly rounded shrubs; in the other, which is a greater distance from the house, I’ve put Serbian Spruce for both their lovely drooping shape and pale green color.

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