Tra La!

It’s spring!  And at least one of the Redbuds (Cercis Canadensis) knows it.  It’s starting to bloom.

One of the things I like about Redbuds is that their flowers bloom along their bare, woody branches before the leaves come out for a wonderful, colorful structural effect.


It’s native here, and grows wild everywhere and in gardens everywhere and is very common.  Sometimes common is good.


Last fall a friend divided his Echinops (Globe Thistle) and gave me 10 divisions.  About half of them are already showing green. Echinops leaves March 25 2015

And all the Malus (Flowering Crab) in the orchard made it through the winter.

First Malus leaves spring 2015 20150324_125118

I did two winter-thaw waterings and Wiltpruf antidessicant and BobbexR rabbit repellant.  (All of which may or may not have helped, but didn’t hurt)

This is my favorite plant. Or this. Or maybe this.

There’s a song in Finian’s Rainbow (lyrics by E.Y. Harburg, music by Burton Lane) that goes:

“Oh, my heart is beating wildly

And it’s all because you’re here

When I’m not near the girl I love

I love the girl I’m near”

Change ‘girl’ to ‘plant’ and Oh, my heart is beating wildly too.

I ordered seeds for spring planting, many annuals to bring me some quick color where eventually there will be colorful perennial borders, flowering shrubs, colorful groundcovers.  I have also placed a spring order for many additional trees and shrubs – plants which would not have done well during our cold, windy, dry winter if planted last fall, and also some which might have done fine but were just not available.

And each plant I chose became, in turn, my favorite.  Sometimes because I had used it before and know exactly how it will look when it begins to grow up.  And sometimes because I have NOT used it before, and everything I read about it makes me wonder why not, why such an amazingly desirable plant was not – yet – in my plant palette.

So here are some of my, at this moment, very, very favorites, some old, some new, which I hope will soon be making their appearance at Timshala: Corn Poppies, Red Cosmos, Nasturtiums, Bald Cypress, Tatarian Maple “Hot Wings’,  Hydrangea paniculata, Double File Viburnum, Bronze Fennel, Rosa glauca (formerly rubrifolium), Red Pussywillow.