Irrigation and dry wells and flooding and Oh My!

This season’s rains have drowned some plants, most small and easily replaceable, but some – see the sad, brown Pine in the background – not so easy.

The solution seems to be to dig some dry wells (8 of them!), and have the water collect in them to release slowly rather than flooding.

We actually did have some dry wells done when we were first grading the site, but in this year’s amazing rains they were inadequate.  Also, while they worked well to remove excess water from large areas, what we have now is some more localized flooding.

And (sigh)we also discovered that some of the irrigation heads were wrongly identified.  So we needed to re-do the irrigation plan, accurately locate every head and correctly name its zone.  That way, in the future, when I need to irrigate a particular area, with new plantings, say, or water-loving plants, I won’t be watering the wrong things.

So…some rented survey equipment, a brief class in using it, and a couple of days of “Run Zone One”  “Mark each head on the plan.”  “Run Zone Two.”  “Mark each head on the plan.”  Etc.

Surveyers 20150815_095345The Master Surveyor had help from his long-nosed furry Trainee Surveyor, and now every head, every valve – and incidentally, every tree and shrub – is now in the right place on the plans.