All gardeners and gardens live in the future and perhaps this one more than most because it is so large and so new.  But the sight of these Alliums in the perennial border is starting to give some definition to the border.Alliums April 2016 2

Last fall I planted 150 Allium aflatunense and I think just about all of them came up.  They are scattered among the hundreds of perennials I planted – and more to come – but it will be a few years before they give the effect they should:  a perennial border with Alliums rather than an Allium border.

The perennials and grasses that will be 3’ – 5’ tall are 3” tall.  So at the moment the Alliums aren’t exactly scattered “among” anything.

They need the perennials to give structure to the design.  And they need the perennials to cover their dying leaves of course.

It is so nice to look out and see them.

Witch Hazel is smarter than I am

When this Witch Hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia “ Jelena”) bloomed late last fall during an early frost, I figured it was done blooming.  Too bad;  I so look forward to its bloom in mid-winter.

Hamamelis Jan 2016Well, this is what happened in January.  It bloomed again.  As did the nearby “Arnold’s Promise”.

Now they are both leafing out and growing (at their usual snail’s pace) and seeming quite happy.

As am I.