Gardens are slow.

I have an image in my mind of how things will look, and slowly, slowly, painstakingly slowly, some things are starting to look in reality the way they do in my mind. The lights glittering among the Wisteria is one of the successes.

Planted just two years ago, the Wisteria has rushed up the pergola and in some places has traveled across the top.  And the formerly naked lights are now nestled among the leaves, just the way they are supposed to.wisteria-with-lights-among-leaaves-9-2016-cropped-20160920_071246

I can hardly wait till spring, when there are flowers too, to be back-lighted, and side-lighted, and front-lighted.


One thought on “Lights…action

  1. Your wisteria is lovely. I am always amazed to discover how fast they grow; even young limbs look ancient.
    There was a purple wisteria just down the block from you in Brooklyn I think, possibly a block down? Bergen Street? It grew up and over the doors on the front of a brownstone. I knew one of the family by sight enough to nod hello (a tall slim dark haired man with a scholarly demeanor) and one day got to tell him, standing in front of his house as he’d come down the staircase, me on the sidewalk, that I knew spring had begun in New York when I saw the flowers opening, the fresh bright green leaves. It was incredibly welcome. I’m glad you’ve got this one in Kansas and beautifully lit up.

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