Poppies & Nepeta & Ferns & Oh My

People often ask me, “What’s your favorite plant?”  My answer is always the same.  It depends.  Partly it’s the old song, “When I’m not with the plant I love I love the plant I’m with.”  But I think maybe the answer really is, Poppies.  Specifically red Poppies.  Annuals, Papaver rhoes –Flanders Poppies or Corn Poppies —  as here, scattered in the Nepeta, the beginning of my succession garden.   Nepita edit

But also the perennial Poppies, Papaver orientale Beauty of Livermere,

much taller and more dramatic.Papaver orientale beauty of livermere in nepeta

I am hoping these will be available this fall for next year’s bloom.

3 thoughts on “Poppies & Nepeta & Ferns & Oh My

  1. That is such a lame question. My favorite is the coastal redwood, but I would not plant it in a window box (although it makes a nice houseplant). Like you say, “It depends.”. There are so many variables. I can honestly tell people what some of my least favorites are, such as the Japanese maples. They are too common here because none of the landscape designers will not admit that they are not their favorites. Japanese maples do not even do well in our chaparral climate. I will do whatever I can to avoid them! White is my favorite color, but I would not recommend it for everyone, particularly for those who prefer more fun colors. duh!

  2. Funny, I don’t have a favorite color either. Depends on the shade and what it is next to and…well, you get the idea. But that red, the poppy red…Oh it makes my heart sing. And especially when combined with the blue/purple of the Nepeta underneath it.

    Next year I am adding some white Allium to this area. I think it will add some “pop” to the area, especially in the late morning shade.

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