More Like What I Hoped (and Planned)

The perennial border is really the center of the whole six acres of Timshala Gardens.  It is (or is supposed to be) an explosion of color that is reached from everywhere, along a series of paths.  And now, really for the first time since we moved in and began to plant, it is indeed that.

Perennial Border May 5 2019 161738

Looking north from the house

Perennial Border toward House _085602

Looking South toward the house

Perennial Border toward benches May 5 2019 161846

Through the border toward benches

Right now the colors are mostly purple and mauve and pink.  Shortly there will be contrasts of pale yellow and gold and blue.  And later in the season, red and orange and bright yellow.

But from May through October this should be the main attraction, from all views.