Above & Beyond my expectations!

The new climbing Rose, Above & Beyond, Rosa Above and byond first flower. June 2016.20160619_125857just gave me its first flower,and it looks EXACTLY like its picture.Rosa Above and Beyond

I was not expecting any flowers this year.  I planted it bare root last fall, not recommended, but that is when it arrived so that is when I did it.  And two days ago I noticed an orange bud.  And today a gorgeous,  apricot flower – surrounded by more buds.  I can hardly wait.

The rose people seeing this will notice it has some Rose slug damage, but I got the appropriate treatment and tomorrow they will be toast!

Apricot rose and butter wall: A luscious new climbing rose has come to live at Timshala

A couple of weeks ago I came across a description of a new climbing rose in American Nurseryman.   Here is the description that intrigued me.

Rosa Above and Beyond in American Nurseryman Sept 2015.

I got some more information from David Zlesak, the breeder, and this week – one arrived!  Thank you so much David.

It is a big plant – expected to be about 14’ x 14 ‘, so I’m having it go on the only wall big enough to hold it, fortunately facing South-East.

Rosa Above and BeyondThe dark apricot rose should look wonderful against the butter-colored concrete.