Bamboos…the View out my Office Window

I wanted something very tall and slender to sit in a sort of alcove that separates my office window from the living room.  It should rise many feet above the house and so be visible as a vertical element from many places in the garden.

Phyllostachys spectabilis. multiple stemsSo… I finally settled on Phyllostachys spectabilis – a very yellow, ‘crook-stemmed’  bamboo that gets to be about 25 – 30’ high.  It’s a running bamboo, but fortunately it has nowhere to run.  Its sheltered alcove has a concrete house on three sides and should be easy to control on the fourth side.

Hosta Sum and Substance








It’s actually at the beginning of a slightly shady garden, and at its feet will be some huge yellow Hostas (Sum & Substance)

Cinnamon fern. Osmundaand some sun accepting ferns (Cinnamon Fern).

A wonderful yellow and green combination.


When I open my eyes in the morning, I will see this combination of plants, a huge field of them,  all summer.

Bronze fennelBronze Fennel, a deep purple, feathery leafed relative of the fennel we eat.

I’m planning 200 of them.  A wonderful, waving mass.




bronze fennel flowerIt gets to be about 4′-5′ tall and flowers in late summer, a yellow cap.






Rose Morning has BrokenInterspersed, a repeat-blooming yellow rose, ‘Morning has Broken’, its coarse, shiny green leaves to contrast with the delicate Bronze Fennel leaves and its golden, fragrant  flowers to repeat the flower color of the Fennel.




SmoketreeAll anchored by several Smoketrees, a haze of dark buff-pink over it all.