Look closely…

sprouts of grass

see the tiny little green sprouts in among the protective straw cover?  That’s the lawn. It looks like most of the seeds germinated before the cold hit.  Hopefully they’re busy putting roots down now that we’re having a nice warm spell, so next year some of my dreams will come true.

What Lawn and Meadow Look Like – EmbryonicallySpeaking

grass seed IMAG0585At the moment this is my lawn.  It’s 450 lbs of grass seed and it will be sowed this week.

The specific combination of varieties is called ‘No Mow’ and I’m using it almost everywhere in various ways.  Unlike most grass seeds this is a combination of six varieties of Fescue that grow to only about 8” tall and then arch over quite beautifully.


no mow unmown I will keep it as a permanent unmowed, low-growing meadow for the underplanting of the Orchard Garden.

I’ll gradually be adding to it with low growing scattered flowers and bulbs.

In other places  – the Woodland and the Winter Garden – it will serve as a temporary groundcover.    While we wait to plant the eventual groundcovers between the shrubs and trees, this will make a nice, more finished look than just bare earth..


No Mow as lawn.Mown, it also makes an attractive manicured lawn, and one which grows slowly enough that I won’t have the burden of weekly mowing.  It also needs little fertilizer and less water than other lawn grasses.


It’s all still mostly in my mind – but it is coming along.