My Roots

Most of my childhood and youth in Winnipeg, Manitoba, there was a weed tree everywhere, called Manitoba Maple.  I never knew what it was, and over the years I’ve kind of thought about it. But never enough to find out more about it.   It was just a big, ungainly deciduous tree that seemed to thrive in the awful cold and extreme heat that was Manitoba in the winter and the summer.

Now I’m in Kansas, and I’ve spent a huge amount of thought trying to find something – a shade tree — that would grow fast, take extreme cold, extreme heat, occasional drenching downpours with brief standing water.

Well, I’m no Agatha Christie, so you’ve probably guessed what I ended up with.

It turns out that Manitoba Maple is actually Acer Negundo, Manitoba Maple Leaf.known here as Box Elder.  And now there are ten of them in my new Woodland Walk.