Gardens are slow.

I have an image in my mind of how things will look, and slowly, slowly, painstakingly slowly, some things are starting to look in reality the way they do in my mind. The lights glittering among the Wisteria is one of the successes.

Planted just two years ago, the Wisteria has rushed up the pergola and in some places has traveled across the top.  And the formerly naked lights are now nestled among the leaves, just the way they are supposed to.wisteria-with-lights-among-leaaves-9-2016-cropped-20160920_071246

I can hardly wait till spring, when there are flowers too, to be back-lighted, and side-lighted, and front-lighted.


May 2015. Wisterias become the first flowers at Timshala

After a season of planting and hoping and imagining and paying attention to getting the bones right – flowers at last!  The Wisterias are blooming their beautiful brains out.

Eventually, once the vines reach the top of the pergolas I plan to prune away the leaves and flowers on the columns and have their stems be an added ‘column’.  And I think, at the rate they are growing that they should reach the top of the pergolas this year.

But right now, Oh I am so enjoying the beautiful flowers.  And leaves.  I love the leaves of Wisterias.  They are complex and geometric and would make a lovely vine even if they didn’t flower.  The flowers however are unmatchable.

Wisteria blooming May 2015 20150519_131533

To Life!

There are some heartwarming and oh-so-welcome sights in the newly planted garden.  Some of the new plants are showing soft, plump buds – and in one case, the first FLOWERS!  (Though you have to look closely to see those).

Wisteria Buds 1.27.2015 20150127_121509The Wisteria are covered with buds.  So next year the pergolas won’t be quite so naked.

  Dogwood Buds full close up bids 1.27.2015 20150127_121851And most of the Dogwoods have buds.

The luscious little upward facing ovals in a few months will be dancing white and sparkling against the blue sky.

Witch Hazel Buds Closeup Pale Yellow visible 1.27.2015 20150127_122131

And also the Witch Hazel.   Jelena, with its copper colored flowers is actually flowering a little as well as being covered with clusters of fuzzy, pale, pale gray-yellow buds.