Witch Hazel is smarter than I am

When this Witch Hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia “ Jelena”) bloomed late last fall during an early frost, I figured it was done blooming.  Too bad;  I so look forward to its bloom in mid-winter.

Hamamelis Jan 2016Well, this is what happened in January.  It bloomed again.  As did the nearby “Arnold’s Promise”.

Now they are both leafing out and growing (at their usual snail’s pace) and seeming quite happy.

As am I.

Witch Hazels look exactly as I hoped and expected – and still miraculous

Last week some of the newly planted Witch Hazels (Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’) began to bloom.  Right on schedule.  Exactly as planned.  They are the beginning of the planned grove of them at the front entrance, for their welcome winter color and fragrance.

Yesterday it snowed, beautifully.  Everything is clean and white and quiet.  And even though my scientist, horticulturist mind told me they would be fine – it still seems amazing.

Witch Hazel flowers with snow on them 2.16.2015 20150216_070819Lovely apricot colored ribbons of flower are covered with snow.

The whole shrub just glowing.Witch Hazel blooming in snow 2. 2.16.2015 20150216_105254

Perhaps by next year I will have become accustomed to this.  It will seem commonplace.  (I doubt it).  But right now, the first time, it is thrilling.

To Life!

There are some heartwarming and oh-so-welcome sights in the newly planted garden.  Some of the new plants are showing soft, plump buds – and in one case, the first FLOWERS!  (Though you have to look closely to see those).

Wisteria Buds 1.27.2015 20150127_121509The Wisteria are covered with buds.  So next year the pergolas won’t be quite so naked.

  Dogwood Buds full close up bids 1.27.2015 20150127_121851And most of the Dogwoods have buds.

The luscious little upward facing ovals in a few months will be dancing white and sparkling against the blue sky.

Witch Hazel Buds Closeup Pale Yellow visible 1.27.2015 20150127_122131

And also the Witch Hazel.   Jelena, with its copper colored flowers is actually flowering a little as well as being covered with clusters of fuzzy, pale, pale gray-yellow buds.